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Professional Grooming


Terms & Conditions​​

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Terms and Conditions

All dogs are required to be up to date with their vaccinations and must be fit and healthy to the best of your knowledge, before attending a grooming session. If your dog is hurt or becomes ill, The Dog Yard has permission to call or take the dog to the nearest vet. Any administered medication or advisable attention given by a vet and any expenses incurred by The Dog Yard will be paid promptly by the owner unless injury is a direct result of negligence by The Dog Yard. The Dog Yard will not be held responsible for any sickness or injury caused by the dog to itself during grooming.

The Dog Yard is not responsible for any accidental death of the dog from a pre-existing health condition or natural disasters (fire, storm, flood, etc.). The Dog Yard will not be held responsible for clipper burn or minor nicks resulting from grooming of matted, neglected coats or for irritation caused by removing coat from pets possessing mild to severe skin allergy, nor will The Dog Yard be held responsible for stressful effects grooming may have upon an elderly pet.

The Dog Yard reserves the right to charge additional fees for services considered to be over and above the norm covered by our standard rates. We also reserve the right to refuse service to customers whose dog may pose a threat to us or to the other dogs left in our care, whether it is an aggression problem, health problem, or parasite problems. The owner agrees to be responsible for any property damaged by the dog.

No shows or cancellations with less than a 24 hours’ notice will be unable to make another appointment until they cover the full cost of the one that was missed.

Dog's attending The Dog Yard may be filmed or photographed, The Dog Yard reserves the right to use any photography/video in publications or other media material including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, newspapers, websites and social media sites.